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Unleash the Power of your data


Cloud technology helps staff capture data from smart devices and wearable trackers, which can reduce oversights on player health.


Players record their wellness daily via a mobile app that captures levels of sleep, stress, fatigue, motivation, appetite and mood providing a holistic picture of general wellbeing or alerting staff to at-risk athletes.


The intelligent platform captures individual data, identifying each player’s unique behaviours and patterns that will help support staff tailor performance and wellness feedback to the individual athlete.

Simple reporting & analysis

Managing complex businesses is pressured and time consuming. Integrate all commercial team requirements in one platform, all functions including; talent identification, media and sponsorship management, marketing functions, human resource requirements and much more.


A multi-layered, secure system with role-defined logins to ensure club IP remains secure and private, and information can be communicated only to relevant staff.

Strength & Conditioning

Built by leading experts in high performance and team sports, the strength and conditioning module is a powerful tool for recording, analysing and predicting training loads for athletes. Maximising the analytics produced within this module allows coaches with knowledge to ensure that performance objectives are being achieved.

Third Party devices

Staff can accurately track and collate  performance and wellness by integrating data from any third party device onto the SportsMed platform. From here coaches can share information with relevant support staff or gain deeper insights into training progression.

A World Class Solution

SportsMed’s team of experts work closely with leading athletes, coaches, medical specialists and fitness professionals to understand the issues that challenge every role

  • Competition and training absences from top athletes due to injury or ill-health
  • Managing personal and group schedules to the benefit of the business
  • Creating a deeper level of engagement with athletes through individualised player programs and timely feedback
  • The capacity for staff to apply personal experience and expertise to collated data and identify meaningful patterns and variables to influence performance, wellness and injury risks
  • Provide an open but secure platform to facilitate and improve communication between all stakeholders
  • Combine and understand information from multiple third party devices and historical data
  • Measure all business and staff investments to maximise return
  • Educate staff and athletes on the variables that contribute to preventable injuries and enhanced performance

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