SportsMed is the world’s only platform that offers predictive insights into sports, wellness and performance data to help individuals perform at their best.  

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SportsMed was founded on the principle that the sports industry, including elite teams and individual athletes, may not be as efficient in monitoring, protecting and predicting strengths, weaknesses, health, wellness and risks in training programs and game play analysis to advance performance.

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Through evidenced based analysis of internal and third party data, organisations can gain an advantage by learning faster, improving at a quicker pace and subsequently out performing their opponents where it really counts, in competition. An elite athlete software solution for professional sports teams, individual athletes and the everyday elite consumer.

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SportsMed engineers a world-class platform that can seamlessly integrate multiple data sources, GPS and video files to measure, analyse and power athlete performance


Monitor nutrition and supplement use through an integrated WADA database that safely and legally fuels athlete performance and wellness.


Store, access and analyse athlete, team and organisation information. Organisations can use this information to reduce insurance premiums, seek government funding and effectively manage operational matters around the business.


Data aggregated from a global user-base predicts trends and triggers alerts, offering the most advanced, accurate technology to assist teams with risk mitigation.

Finance & Cost Management

Enhance operational efficiency, manage staff development and assess incoming and outgoing costs to predict finance projections and help budgets go further.



Protect athlete wellness for optimal performance outcomes by collecting quantitive data on mental health, physical wellbeing, anxiety levels, sleep patterns, injuries and illness trends.


Record and report all medical interactions of athletes and teams, including injury diagnosis, concussion incidents, medical prescriptions, uploads of recovery plans, physician scans and much more. SportsMed promotes communication between medical staff and coaches, supporting the athlete’s recovery.

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