The suite of products provides the solution to monitor demands of team management and gain insights into patterns of wellness and performance, no matter what the team size


• Quick communications panel for messaging as well as standard inbox and sent folders • Accessible on Web or Mobile • Message individuals or groups.


• Configuration and restricted access options • Set up to 5 individual competitions • Additional competitions can be purchased in packs of 5 • Messages specific to a group or individual basis • Full alerting capability from excellent, at risk or red alerts that are either emailed or colour coded in the system.

Target Audience

• Players use the mobile product to capture wellness data providing insights into behaviour including sleep, stress, fatigue, general soreness, motivation, appetite and mood levels • Sliding scales make recording wellness simple enough to complete in seconds. • Messaging • Android and iOS compatible • Retrieve daily schedule.


• Library of training exercises • Access to videos and images on all devices • Add attachments to calendar events and securely send files to players or staff. .

Professional Team Management

Baseline Team offers a powerful real-time solution for gathering data, collaborating with players, support staff and third parties. Baseline Team provides the level of professional team management and the power of the built-in data analytics engine, Xela.

Improve Performance

Now any team has the ability to administer athlete metrics and improve performance without straining budgets. The pressure is on for teams to deliver results, but the time for athlete and organisation management is limited, let alone for data management.